Princess Ellen (smellen_of_troy) wrote in hp_canada,
Princess Ellen


I wrote this ages ago and thought I'd share. I liked it better before I cut it down to drabble size, but I can't find that copy so, um... Enjoy!
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Summary: When they graduate, Remus and Sirius decide to get a flat together (if you're not into SB/RL just assume that it's for financial reasons). Remus lets Sirius pick it.

When Remus had allowed Sirius to pick their flat, he had expected a place in London, just a short floo from the Potters. Sirius found one that had everything they needed, even a large, solid closet that could be charmed to hold a werewolf on the moon. It was small, but cosy.
Sirius flopped down on their new couch. Remus stood by the window looking out over the city. It was a marvellous view, but… it was the wrong city.
“So what do you think,” Sirius asked.
Remus turned to look at him.
“It’s great, really,” he said, “but…Why Canada?”
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